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All bottled up


All bottled up

Mummy's little helper, from breastfeeding to weaning and beyond!

Dump the bottle-sterilising bores and get the temperature right every time with BÉABA's NEW Bib'Second Control.

The BÉABA911446-BIB SECONDES CONTROL GIPSY Bib'Second Control is an ultra-efficient baby-bottle warmer that steams, sterilises, defrosts and heats your babyfood or milk fuss free. Stylish and compact, simple to use and completely effective, the Bib'Second Control is the perfect feeding utensil that even fits snugly on your kitchen countertop. 

Perfect for reheating mother's milk, the Bib'Second Control stands out amongst market competitors for its ingenious sterilising and defrosting functionality.

So how does it work? Thanks to a heat-sensitive probe, the temperature that you choose is conducted throughout the bottle from the inside out. With just one simple touch of a button, you can choose from room or body temperature (22°C or 37°C) and select the right warmth for your baby.

What's more, as it automatically turns off when the centre of the bottle reaches the desired chosen temperature, your watched pot can indeed boil, (with or without your attention that is).

The precise thermometer guarantees the correct temperature every time, so you can rest assured that it's safe for baby. Unlike other bottle warmers and sterilisers, there's no need to enter the starting temperature or the amount of liquid to be heated. Simply select the desired temperature for the bottle or food and voilà; the probe does the rest. Once heated, it safely keeps bottles or jars warm for up to 10 minutes.

.    Ultra-fast warmer heats bottles in less than 1 minute and food jars in less than 5 minutes.

.    Sterilising and defrosting functionality.

.    Steam heated.

.    Works with both glass and plastic bottles, as well as babyfood jars.

.    Silent operation.

.    Choose from room or body temperature (22°C or 37°C).

.    Precise heat-sensitive probe detects when desired temperature is reached.

So if you're looking for a baby bottle that delivers more by warming, sterilising and defrosting, just head over to one of our BEABA stockists and have a blast! RRP £ 54.90.

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Editor's notes:

Here at BÉABA, créateur de bonnes idées (creator of good ideas), we have made it our mission to lend a helping hand to parents, providing them with the tools they need to make life easier - leaving them with more quality time with baby. That's why, for more than 20 years now, we have applied our passion and high standards to experimenting, innovating and creating useful, imaginative and ingenious products to make lives easier.

Born in France and available across the Middle East, North America, Asia and the Pacific, as well as Europe (including the UK), BÉABA is your first-stop shop for all your babies' needs, creature comforts and parenting tools. Whether you say 'Bonjour' to the fabulous Bib Second Control (a 3-in-1 device that steams, defrosts and heats), or 'Aurevoir' to night-time terrors with our wonderful nightlights, you'll soon wonder how you lived without us.  

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Salt that is worth its salt!


Salt that is worth its salt!


All 4 boxes Rare and exclusive Salt Petals and Salt Crystals

The ancient process begins with a Spring Tide when the sea gates are opened and the first saltpan is flooded. Here on Portugal's Algarve coast, generations have harnessed nature to produce the truly astonishing Diamante do Mar Salt Petals and Salt Crystals, which are now available for the first time in the UK.

Appealing to serious gourmands, this extremely rare and exceptionally pure variety of premium salt is hand harvested according to traditional techniques. With each new or full moon, fresh Atlantic sea water floods the series of salt pans to be evaporated by the sun and gentle on-shore breezes, resulting in two exceptional products.

The Petals form on the surface of the pan and are gently lifted by hand using a fine mesh; being heavier, the Crystals form below the surface and are carefully drawn up - both techniques ensure the resulting salts are of the very finest quality.

These un-mechanized and sustainable methods create zero emissions, which not only protects the environment from harmful greenhouse gasses but ensure no essential nutrients or minerals in the salt are lost.

The natural purity, impeccable green credentials and environmental integrity of

St. Lorenzo Diamante do Mar Salt Petals and Salt Crystals are paired with exceptional taste and nutritional benefits. The Salt Petals and Crystals give a satisfying soft crunch when sprinkled over fresh fruit, vegetables or cooked foods, releasing a clean burst of flavour as it dissolves on the tongue. Simply try the cherry tomato test to prove there is no better salt to enhance fabulous foods.

For cooks who work to quality standards there's no better partner than the exquisite salt by Diamante do Mar where a little goes a long way.

Diamante do Mar Salt Petals are priced £7.95 for 250g and Diamante do Mar Salt Crystals are priced £2.80 for 300g. Both products are available online at, and Delicatessens, farm shops and health food shops.


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The inaugural 'Irish Quality Food Awards' today announces shortlisted products


The inaugural 'Irish Quality Food Awards' today announces shortlisted products



Following a huge wave of entries and 10 days of tough judging, the shortlisted products for the Irish Quality Food Awards have been announced today.

The 120 shortlisted food and drink products in 30 categories are now in with a chance to win one of the very first Irish Quality Food Awards in a glittering ceremony taking place on 18th September in the Round Room, Mansion House, Dublin.

Organiser, Helen Lyons, is thrilled with the success of the awards so far and said the judging was a "fantastic 10 days which brought together some of the very best food and drink produced in Ireland and many of the Nation's top foodies".

These new accolades set out to recognise excellence in product development for food and drink producers, retailers and catering companies in Ireland only, with Q Awards being awarded across 30 different categories. The Overall Gold Q is awarded to the one product that stands out among all the other entries and is chosen from among all of the main categories, representing the very best of the best.

Top UK packaging manufacturer, Benson Group, has also today been confirmed as a sponsor of the Irish Quality Food Awards.

All excess food from the judging was given to The Capuchin Centre for Homeless People, which provides warm food and more than 1500 food hampers a week to vulnerable people in Dublin.

To find out more about the very first Irish Quality Food Awards, visit:, become a friend on or follow them on Twitter, @IrishQFAs.

Learn more about The Capuchin Centre for Homeless People here,


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